Message From the President:

Thank you to the members of the Fayette County Bar Association and the support of our community for a wonderful 2013. The bar membership was at an all-time high thanks to the efforts of our previous President, David Moore. 2014 shall bring many new and exciting opportunities for our members and the citizens of Fayette County, as we continue to serve our community through providing the highest quality legal representation, supporting our local charities and creating new ones such as, "Bicycles for Kids".

To assist attorney's, our bar supports continuing legal education for all attorneys by hosting a comprehensive Continuing legal education seminar each fall, providing attorneys the opportunity to satisfy their annual requirements while networking with our local attorneys and our local judges. Additionally, we meet the first Thursday of each month for lunch including an informative presentation and occasionally a one hour CLE. Please contact any of the officers listed in the tab above for further details on becoming a member.

The objective of this website is to provide the public with a referral tool to our outstanding attorneys and assist other attorneys in making trusted referrals to their clients. Of the over 140 current attorney members of the Fayette County Bar Association, we have an experienced legal professional to represent all of your legal needs. The combination of experience and dedication to the profession sets our member attorneys above all others. If you are unable to locate an attorney in a specific practice area or unsure of the type of attorney you are seeking, please contact me for assistance.

Angela Landgaard, President 2014